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Corner Grab

1. The trainer tells the participant group that he/she will pose a few questions.
2. The trainer tells the group that the closer they are to the center point of the room and the more upright they stand, the more positive their opinion is, and the further they move away from the center point of the room and the more they bend themselves, the more negative their opinion is.
3. The trainer asks the question to be evaluated (e.g: Did you enjoy ......... were there areas where you felt comfortable expressing yourself? Were the instructions clear and sufficient? Was the training time sufficient? Were your expectations met? etc.)
4. After the question, the participants gather in the center of the room and disperse to different parts of the room according to their own ideas.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
10-15 minutes
Group Size & Age
15- 25 People / Ages 15 and Up
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