National Bank


Light is a point type you earn as you interact inside Experianta. You earn 1 Expa every time you earn 100 Light Points. Your Light Points reset at the end of the year. You can anytime convert your Light Points into Expa.

Register to website 200 Once  
Daily visit to website 5 Once per day  
Invite a user to register to our website 5 100 times per year  
Add Resource 50 Unlimited
Someone favorites your resource 5 Unlimited
Become a Citizen 100 Once
Publishing a Blog Post (email to [email protected]) 200 Unlimited
Become an Active Citizen 200 Per year
Complete a course 200 Unlimited
Become Knight of Experianta 300 Per year
Become Knight of Knowledge 400 Per year
Become Protector of Wisdom 500 Per year
Become Grand Protector 600 Per year


Expa is the currency point in the country. You can pay with Expa for your purchases.

Earning 100 Light 1 Unlimited