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Activity Purpose and Goal

This is a good activity for revisions and reflection to either get the participants to revise concepts covered during the training or to reflect and find solutions on a topic.

Each group receives a set of cards, which have information on them, such as sentences, questions, pictures, and scenarios. Basically, almost anything that is significant for the topic.

They are then asked to rank the cards in a particular order, sort them into categories, or use them as labels on a mind map, chart, or picture.

Alternatively, they can match each card (which contains a question, for example) with a corresponding card from a different set (which includes the answers).


Reflection Activity Instructions

1. Divide participants into small groups of 3 to 6 people each, depending on the class size.

2. Give each group of participants a set of cards, 20 for instance, with words, pictures, or statements. If relevant, also give them the items they need to match these cards with (another set of cards, a map, etc.)

3. Explain to them whether they need to sort the cards into groups of concepts, rank them, or match them with other items.

Give participants 10 minutes (or a bit more, depending on the complexity of the concepts).

Ask each group to discuss with the rest of the class how they have matched or ranked the concepts.


Benefits of this Classroom Reflection Exercise

  • This activity helps participants to ‘construct’ their own knowledge.
  • It is very good to help participants take ownership of their own learning by giving them time to reflect and make associations.
  • This is an activity that participants can do on their own, but if they do it in groups, they will develop communication and team-building skills.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
20-30 min.
Group Size & Age
4-6 people
Set of cards, 20 for instance, with words, pictures, or statements.
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