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The Money Shot

Aims of the tool

- Creating a visual memory for evaluation
- Seeing what participants gained from this experience
- Creating a shared learning
- Using visuals and textures to support learning
- creating a last learning stop for everyone

Description of the tool

The facilitator/ trainer starts by summarizing some key points from the training/ exchange and asks everyone to come closer. The facilitator puts papers, pens, and materials in the center of the room and asks everyone to summarize their experiences, learnings, unlearning, friendships, good points, bad points, reflections, etc. After 15 minutes, the facilitator picks up the huge paper and gathers everyone to take a picture with the paper "The Money Shot."

A variation could be having participants work in small groups, compare, and reflect on each other's money shot.
For the reflection part, possible questions would be:
-How was this experience?
-Were you surprised about anything your or other groups have put in their money shot?
-Looking at your money shots, what was your proudest accomplishment?
-What are the three things you want to add to your money shot from the other groups

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training, Online Training
20 minutes
Group Size & Age
Any size
pens, post-its, stick tapes, pencils, colored pencils, scissors, colored paper, anything the facilitator can access to decorate the shot.
For online: any whiteboard/collaborative working space website can be used.
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Yasin Bulat

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