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The ‘Elements of Success’

Activity Instructions

1. Split participants into groups of 3 or 4.

2. Ask each of them to think of a peak experience of whatever the topic is (e.g., the best work meeting you ever had; the best-organized conference you attended; the most engaging speaker you ever heard; the most interesting presentation you remember; the best piece of work you did, etc.).

3. Ask each participant to think about what made the experience so successful.

4. Ask participants to share their stories with the rest of their small group.

5. Get the group to discuss what they think the elements of success are.

6. Get each group to share the outcome of their conversation with the rest of the class. You can write down the elements of success on a flip chart yourself or ask each group to write on their own sheet of A1 paper and present it.


Benefits of this Reflection and Revision Exercise

  • This exercise promotes a positive mindset as it focuses on success.
  • By promoting discussion, this exercise stimulates deep learning.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
Group Size & Age
4 people groups
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