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Apple, Orange and Banana!


The group must move in sync in order to keep the circle intact.



1) Form a circle with people where each member must put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front;

2) The facilitator will describe the following commands:

>> Apple means everybody jumps forward at the same time (don't break the circle);

>> Orange means everybody jumps backward;

>> Banana means everybody jumps back, turning 180 degrees so they will put their hands over the shoulders of the person behind. The facilitator tells them to turn left or right to create a pattern, and people don't get confused when doing the movement.



Easy mode: the facilitator will be giving commands at a slow pace. Ex. Apple!... banana!.... apple!.... orange! With few seconds between commands;

Moderate mode: facilitator will combine two commands. Ex: banana-apple!... orange-apple!

Insane mode: facilitator will combine three our more commands.

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