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Secret Rules

Choose 3 teams:

TEAM 1 will play the game (any game) by the rules.

TEAM 2 will get a “special” set of rules, different from how the game/sport is
usually played. These rules are secret to the other teams. For example, I can pick the
ball in my hands as well as kick it. I can take the ball out of the hands of my
opponent. I can retrieve the ball from out of bounds.

TEAM 3 will observe while the other two teams play. Have TEAM 3 describe what
they saw. This “fishbowl” technique can sometimes help players see their behaviour
from a different perspective.

Take turns playing on each of the teams. After the games, discuss the following
questions as a whole group.

1. What happened during the game? Were the players on TEAM 1 unhappy?

2. Was there a conflict or confusion? Was there a potential for danger?

3. Discuss what happens when there are not the same rules for everyone?

4. Why do you think we need rules?

5. Imagine a life without rules. What would be the consequences for traffic, for
health and safety, for living in a community?

6. What happens in a sports game when the rules are not applied in the same
way for everyone?

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In Person Training
30-60 Minutes
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