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Hot Takes

Hot Takes is a great way to get large groups to connect and laugh. For this activity, start by announcing a non-controversial topic. Then, let willing attendees raise their hands to give their hot takes on the issue. You can opt for humorous hot-take options that will lighten the event mood. For instance, my hot take on the worst ice cream is chocolate. You can then try to see how many attendees support your hot take by requesting players in agreement to raise their hands.

Examples of Hot Take topics:

  • Best food to eat as leftovers
  • Best villain
  • Best international cuisine
  • The best travel destination
  • Pineapples belong on a pizza
  • Cheese belongs in every dish

Be sure to select Hot Take topics that are interesting to discuss among your attendees. You can tailor the issues to the team’s sense of humor, personal experiences, and general opinions. Also, avoid hot takes that require niche knowledge, as you may exclude some team members from participating.

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