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Water Can

It is better to play the game outside near a water tap or in a bathroom.

Give participants two water cans and tell them that they have 5 minutes to put one of the jugs on the scale with exactly 4 gallons of water in it.


Obviously we can't fill the 3-liters can with 4 liters of water." So you need to get the 4 liters into the 5-liters can.

Fill the 5-liter can all the way. Pour water into the 3-liter can until it is full. Now you have 2 liters in the 5-liter can and a full 3 liters in the 3-liter can. Empty the 3-liter can. Pour the 2 liters of water still in the 5-liter can into the 3-liter can. Now the 3-liter can has 2 liters of water in it, and more importantly, 1 liter of empty space. Fill up the 5-liter can all the way, and then pour water out of the 5-liter can into the 3-liter can until the 3-liter can is full. This leaves exactly 4 liters in the 5-liter can.


After the activity you can debrief about probelem solving technics emphasizing the fact that solution is always hidden inside the probelem.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
30 minutes
Group Size & Age
One water can (5 liters)
One water can (3 liters)
Tap water
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