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Challenging limiting assumptions

Gather the team: Sit together with your team and identify a problem or a situation that the group feels like it’s holding them back. Make sure everyone is on the same page about the problem.
Draw the table: Each participant draws a table with 5 columns. In the 1st column “a limiting assumption,” they should write down 7-10 statements about that situation (for example why the problem/conflict exists). In the other columns, write down: "It is always true" "It is sometimes true" "It is never true" "An opening assumption"
Fill in the table: Each participant fills up the table with “X” for each statement that they believe applies to the situation. The purpose of this exercise is to uncover the limiting assumptions that people hold.
Share and discuss: Participants share their assumptions and their marks. Ask each participant to explain why they marked certain statements as true, sometimes true, or never true. Encourage a discussion about each statement to get everyone's perspectives.

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In Person Training
60 min
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