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To activate the participants after a stressful / intensive / static session or after lunch.


  • Find a space that is large enough to have the group walking around (or even running), preferably outside.
  • Have the group stand in a circle, including the trainer.
  • Tell them that each one of them is a spy.
  • Tell them that in the group, there is one spy-catcher, dedicated to arresting them.
  • Tell them the good news: there's a bodyguard in the group as well, protecting them.
  • Ask every member of the group to select a group member which they suspect to be the spy catcher, WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE
  • Then ask them to select another member of the group who they think is their bodyguard, again without telling anyone.
  • Now ask the group to position themselves in such a way that their bodyguard is between them and the spy-catcher.
  • Let them run for about 2-3 minutes and find everyone happy and energized.

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