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Hot Chair

Participants sit in a circle and a chair is placed in the center of the circle. Each participant sits on the chair in the center in turn and the other participants give feedback to the participant in the chair around the following questions:
- How did you feel being in this training with the participant in the chair?
- What did you learn from him/her?
- If you were giving him/her feedback, what would you tell him/her to improve until your next meeting?
**These questions can be varied. Depending on your goals in the group, you can also build the hot chair on sharing only positive emotions or only negative emotions.
**Often there is no sharing after the work is completed and participants do not have the chance to develop defenses against the feedback they have received.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15-20 minutes (may vary depending on group size)
Group Size & Age
20-25 people / Adults
We need a space and chairs where participants can sit in a circle.
Created by
Deniz Altınay , "Psikodrama 400 Isınma Oyunu ve Yardımcı Teknikler (Psychodrama 400 Warming Game and Auxiliary Techniques)"

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