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Cloud of Emotion

1. The trainer asks the participants to go to or download the mentimeter application on their phones.
2. The trainer projects the emotion cloud reflection he/she prepared beforehand on the screen via
3. Participants enter the code they see on the screen in the desired place on the phone and send their feelings to the screen with a maximum of 25 characters.
4. The screen projection is paused after the code is given to prevent the participants from being affected by each other.
4. After the participants finish sending, the trainer reflects the emotion cloud on the screen and the participants see what the group feels intensely on the screen without seeing each other's names.

(It can also be used in studies on applications such as Zoom etc.)

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training, Online Training
Group Size & Age
3 minutes
Projection, computer, internet, telephone
Created by
Zeynep Türksoy & Yusuf Altunhan

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