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24 Hour

- Prepare the roles of the pairs by writing each one on a small piece of paper.
- Also write all the roles on a large poster paper so that all participants can see them easily during the activity.
- To illustrate the 24 hour table, prepare it by drawing it on a large poster paper so that everyone can see it.
Note: Sample tables are available in the appendix. They can be varied and adapted.


1. Tell the participants that you will form small groups for this activity. The groups can consist of 2-4 people. Make sure that there are both men and women in each group.

2. After forming the groups, give each group a piece of poster paper and some markers. Ask each group to write 24 hours of a given couple. Ask them to write in a table what the man and woman do every hour from 06.00 in the morning until 06.00 the next day.

3. After giving the instructions, distribute the small pieces of paper you prepared before the activity, indicating the roles of the couples, to the groups, one for each group, and start the activity.

4. The groups have 15 minutes to write down the 24 hours of the couples. If needed, an additional 5 minutes can be added.

5. After all groups have completed their 24 hour tables, ask the spokesperson of each group to explain their table on the board. Allow them to tell everything they have written for women and men. You can repeat what the group spokesperson has said if you think that gender inequality has come to the fore during their narration; or you can ask questions to the group or to all participants if you think that deepening the narration would be useful for discussing gender equality. Each group spokesperson has 5-6 minutes to share the work of the group.

6. After the groups have finished sharing, use the following discussion questions to get the participants to reflect on the everyday life of their couples in terms of gender equality and to assess the situation of women and men. Participants can also comment on other couples whose poster papers are hanging up. You can even encourage such comments.
- Can you compare the working hours of men and women for the same couple?
- What do you think their working hours include?
- Are the wages of the same couple equal in terms of working hours? If different, why?
- Which of the jobs do you think suits a woman and which suits a man?
- Are there any jobs that you think are better done by women or men?
- For the same couple, can you compare the time that men and women can spare for themselves?
- What is the education level of the couples?
- Can you compare the couples in terms of sociability?
- Is there anything about the sexual life of the couples? What are they?
- Who is responsible for home maintenance?
- Do any of the couples have a tendency to violence? What do you think are the causes of domestic violence?
- What is the education level of the couples?

7. If you think that the discussion has gone deep enough, you can say that you would like to share a few things on the fields of social production and move on to the last part of the activity. In this part, interactively transfer the background information to the participants. Take notes on a poster paper based on the information you have shared and what they have shared. After talking and sharing about all areas of production, you can deepen the discussion by posing the following question:
- What kind of consequences might unequal positions in these areas of production lead to in society?

Analysis and Evaluation

As the topics are discussed in depth, at this stage evaluate the activity itself and what individuals have learnt.
- Did the participants enjoy the activity?
- Was this activity a good way to start a discussion on issues related to gender equality?
- How were the discussions in the group? Did everyone feel involved in the discussion?
- Was 24 hours realistic for couples?
- What can you, the groups you work with and the family and community you live in do to achieve the goal of gender equality?

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
90 min
Group Size & Age
16 age plus
- Poster paper
- Gas pens
- Uhu
- Board pencil
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