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Switching Chairs

Participants are told to form 2 circles, including an equal number of people, with one circle inside the other one. The ones in the inner circle are told to sit on chairs, facing towards the centre. For every person sitting in the inner circle, there’s a participant from the outer circle, standing behind. While talking is prohibited for the sitting participants, they are told to switch places with another sitting participant, communicating by body language. The duty of standing participants is not to let the person they stand behind of, by catching when they try standing and switching places. If one of the participants manages to stand up but the one they communicated with hasn’t been able to escape, the one who stood up gets to the outer circle while the one behind them gets into the inner circle. People are expected to change their seats according to the rules. After some time, the trainer may tell both circles to switch positions if they want to.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
10 minutes
Group Size & Age
Maximum 30 people of any age
Chairs (half the number of participants)
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