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Two participants are chosen: One is in the role of “sculptor” while the other is in the role of “material” (clay, dough etc.). The sculptor shapes the other one as they please. For example; may lift the arms, close the eyes, open the mouth of the “material”, tilt their head to the right/left, lay them down, lift their leg, etc. The “material” holds the shape given to them, without changing it. They can move only when the sculptor shapes them, to take the form given. Then, the roles are switched. The sculptor becomes the “material” and vice versa. As the sculptors may work freely, they may also shape the “material” according to the topic of the training. Therefore, this exercise can be used in any kind of training topic. For example, the sculptors may be told to create a sculpture related to human rights, just before a training related to that topic. (For this exercise and more information, check out “Theatre of the Oppressed” by Augusto Boal)

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15-20 minutes
Group Size & Age
15-20 people of any age
No material is needed.
Created by
Augusto Boal

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