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Nature Walk

Participants form a circle. Participants are instructed that they are going for a walk together in a fragrant, peaceful forest far away from the city. The facilitator directs the activity and ensures that the movements and sounds, which will be performed and may change according to the weather conditions, are followed by the person to the right of the facilitator.
and explain that it should be repeated.

Although the starting/changing point of the movements is the facilitator, everyone will follow and repeat the movement of the person to his/her left - immediately to his/her left. In this process, the facilitator pays special attention to ensure that all participants in the circle have enough time to perform the same movement together. It is important that the participants do not speak during the activity and pay attention to the movements and sounds they make.

Movements and the air/nature movement it symbolizes:
1- The rubbing of the palms of our two hands parallel to the ground - Leaf rustling
2- Finger snapping with one hand - Rain drizzle
3- Light tempo clapping - Increasing intensity of the rain
4- Making a wind sound with our mouth - Increased wind
3 and 4 can also be performed together. The other sounds can be performed singly (independently)
is recommended.
5- Stomping both feet on the ground at a fast pace - Downpour

After step 5, each movement and sound is repeated backwards (5, 4, 3, 2, 1).
It is emphasized that all movements start with the facilitator and that everyone should follow immediately after the person to their left. For example, in a circle of 30 people, in order for the person directly opposite the facilitator to be able to do the movement initiated by the facilitator, each person between the facilitator and this person must proceed in turn, one by one, one by one, following the person to their left. In this way, a harmony is created in the circle and attention is focused for the next activity.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
Depending on the size of the group, at least 8-10 minutes
Group Size & Age
Min. 15 - 20 People & Everyone
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