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Grandmother’s Footsteps

Also a very well-known game. Person A stands facing a wall, facing away from the others, who start off some distance back and then move forwards with the goal of touching A without being caught moving. In some versions, A counts ‘One, two, three’, either slowly or very fast, before she swings round to face those approaching; in other versions, she can just turn without warning. Whichever version is followed, when she catches someone moving, A calls out their name and that person must go back and start again. The winner is the person who manages to touch her without being caught; this person becomes the next one to stand facing the wall.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
5-30 minutes
Group Size & Age
Created by
Augusto Boal

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  • Kemal Erdoğan

    I now this game, I play with my friends and with my teacher too 🙂

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