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Communication Game

1- The trainer divides the large group into sub-groups, forming groups of two.
2- The pairs sit back to back (chairs can be placed back to back) so that they cannot see each other and each group is far away from each other.
3- One person in a group of two is given a paper with your drawing on it (for examples of drawing see, the other is given a blank paper and a pen.
4- The group is given a short period of 3-5 minutes.
5- Two people are expected to transfer the drawing on one paper to the other by verbally communicating between them.
6- At the end of the game, the two papers are compared, similarities and differences are observed.
7- An analysis is made on how the communication about the process and the result is realized.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
45-60 minutes
Group Size & Age
20 People / Ages 15 and Up
a large area where group members can sit so that they cannot see each other
Papers with drawings (must be prepared beforehand)
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