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Cat and Mouse

Two variations of a well-known game, similar to the ‘Little packets’ game. Everyone has a partner, with whom they hold hands and move around the space – except two people who are on their own, one being the cat, one being the mouse. The cat chases the mouse, as usual. In version (a): if the mouse wishes to avoid getting caught, it can join up at one end of a pair and hold hands, which means that the person at the other end of that pair becomes the mouse and has to peel off and run away; there can never be a group of three people holding hands together. As with the previous game, you can decide that if the cat catches the mouse, they exchange roles and, after a brief pause to give the new mouse a head start, the game goes on. In version (b): as in the previous version, at any time the mouse can latch onto the end of a pair, releasing the person the other end of that pair – except that in this version, the person released the other end becomes the cat rather than the mouse, and the old cat is reduced to mouse status, and has to flee. Again, if they catch each other, they swap roles.

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Learning Space
In Person Training
5-10 minutes
Group Size & Age
Created by
Augusto Boal

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