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1- 2 lines parallel to each other on the ground are drawn with the help of rope or tape.
The distance between the two lines can be changed according to the group size. (5 steps for a group of 20)
2- The group gathers in the middle of the two lines.
3- The facilitator is the bus driver. He is facing the group.
4- Say aloud the word pairs that people may have in common and point to the right or left of the bus for each word (like apple right, android left). word matches can be determined by considering what people might prefer. Below you can see a few examples of this.
5- Those who prefer the word determined for the right or left side get off the bus from the side they prefer (they go to the other (outside) side of the line. Then they continue with a new word. After an idea about the preferences of the group members is formed, a short evaluation part is started.
6- Sample questions for evaluation
a- What surprised you in the elections?
b- How did it feel to have a part of the group on the side you chose?
c- Why is it important to learn about others and have commonalities?

Example word matches:
1- Day/Night
2- Cat-Dog
3- Listening/Speaking
4- TV/Book
5- Sun/Rain
6- Meat/Vegetables
7- Cold/Hot
8- Soup / Afterparty
9- Optimist / Pessimist

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
10 min
Group Size & Age
Suitable for all ages, group size
2 ropes or enough paper tape
A4 paper
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