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Assorted Salad

In the game, the chairs are arranged in a circle and after all the participants are sat on all the chairs, with one participant standing in the centre. The participant in the middle says some characteristics that will fit some people in the group. The participants who match these characteristics change places while the participant in the middle tries to take one of the places. These characteristics should be general and fun, such as "All glasses wearers, switch places", "All ring wearers, switch places", "All married people, switch places", etc. The person in the middle can make the game more fun by occasionally saying "Everyone, switch places!". The game should be completed when the leader finds it suitable to do so and when almost everyone stands in the middle, once or twice

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15-20 minutes
Group Size & Age
10-20 people of any age
Chairs (one less from the number of participants)
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