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We Are One

The trainer plays nice and calm music and asks people to gather in a circle and not speak. Then the participants start walking around and looking into the eyes of each other. Then the trainer:
1. Asks them to walk around and smile at each other. Then the trainer changes the music to a more energetic one.
2. Asks them to shake hands and say, “Have a great thinning!”
3. Asks them to greet - hug, for example.
The trainer plays commercial summer hits one by one.
4. Asks them to start dancing.
5. The trainer introduces a rule - If they see someone who is not dancing, the closest participants to them have to touch them immediately and freeze. Then, more and more people have to touch those already frozen - like a chain or crystallisation process. When everyone is frozen, all participants can split and start dancing again and walking around. They start freezing again and again.
7. The trainer asks the participants to think of a funny figure being frozen - a good moment to take pictures.

Debrief - We are individuals- it's our dance, our movement, our rhythm. But here we are a team also - so don’t abandon anyone. If one stops, we all stop somehow.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
10-15 minutes
Group Size & Age
10- 20 participants, 15- 30 years old
Music, speaker
Created by
Champions Factory

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