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Water Balloon Dodgeball

To play Water Balloon Dodgeball, mark out a rectangular field with your cones, divide it in the middle, and place a large bucket filled with water balloons at each end of the field.

Divide your players into two equal teams and ask them to stand at opposite ends of the field next to their team’s bucket of balloons. Before starting the game, declare a time limit for each game, say, eight minutes.

Once the game starts, teams must attempt to eliminate the opposing team by hitting them with water balloons. Once a player is hit, they must leave the field and cannot rejoin. Players cannot cross the centre line or leave the field at any time, if they do so they are eliminated from the game.

The first team to eliminate the entire opposing team wins. If players remain on both sides when the time limit expires, the team with the most players wins. If an equal number of players remain on both sides the game is declared a draw.

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Learning Space
In Person Training
30 Minutes
Group Size & Age
Water balloons, water, cones, 2 large containers or buckets
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