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The Spider Web

The group leader gives a ball of string to any participant in the group. The participant holds the end of the rope, says the name of the other participant and throws the ball to them.
The person holding the ball holds the rope and throws the ball again to another participant, again saying the name of the person they threw it to.
After they hold the rope, the game continues in the same way. The ball goes around all the participants and a net emerges from the rope.
The game is ended.
During the evaluation, the importance of calling people by their names is mentioned.
It is expected to establish a connection between the spider web game and the communication network established with new acquaintances.
"When we meet a new person, we establish a communication network with them. The frequency and versatility of this network have an impact on the quality of communication."

2 or 3 strings of different colours can be activated part by part. All of the strings at the same time can move around within the group.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
10-15 minutes
Group Size & Age
Maximum 20 people of any age
Balls of string in different colours
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