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Lifting someone out of a chair

One actor sits on a chair. The other actors around her try to press her body into the chair and she tries to stand up again. Everyone uses all their strength. At a certain point, the workshop leader shouts ‘Go’ and everyone reverses the movement at the same moment, slipping their hands under her and throwing her into the air.

Variation: The person lies flat on the ground and a surrounding group push her into the floor (firmly, but without hurting her). Then, at a given cue, they lift her rapidly into the air, though without actually throwing her. When her body is as high as possible, the actors carrying it try to simulate the waves of the sea.

Variation: Standing, in pairs. Partner A, with her arms by her sides, tries with all her might to raise her right arm, keeping it straight. Partner B, with all his might, holds down A’s right arm with both hands, stopping it from rising. After a minute or two, the workshop leader says ‘Stop’, and both partners cease their efforts – but, magically, the right arm which was being restrained will now rise into the air of its own accord!

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Learning Space
In Person Training
30sec. per person
Group Size & Age
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Augusto Boal

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