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Joe Egg (aka trust circle)

Ask the group to form a circle an arm’s length apart, with everybody standing facing the centre, holding their bodies absolutely upright. Then they must lean towards the centre without bending at the waist, or arching their backs, or lifting their heels off the ground – like the Tower of Pisa. Next, ask them to lean outwards in the same manner (without lifting their toes). Then repeat the whole sequence several times, towards the centre, towards the outside. Then they do the same thing towards the left and towards the right, still without bending in the middle, without lifting the feet. Ask them to describe a circle in the air with their bodies, leaning into the centre, to the left, outwards, to the right, into the centre, etc. Then the same thing the other way round: centre, right, outwards, left. Several times. Ask a volunteer to go into the centre of the circle. Everyone tightens the circle around her, so it is now made up of bodies touching shoulder to shoulder. The person in the middle must close her eyes and do the same leaning movements as before, but this time she is going to let herself fall. When she falls, everyone in the circle must support her with their hands (giving a little as her body meets their hands so that there is no abrupt impact) and then propel her gently back towards the centre, where she doesn’t come to rest, because she starts to fall in another direction, and thus it goes on. It is very important that there are always at least three people at any given moment taking care of the person in the middle. At the end, if you want, you can roll the person around the circle, instead of immediately standing her up in the middle again.

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