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I’ll Define It Myself

1. Participants are asked to stand in a circle.
2. An object is placed in the centre (This can be a long ruler or a stick. The important thing is that the participant should be able to compare it to something and tell us about it)
3. The trainer comes first, picks up the stick and says “Hello, I am Elle, this is my tennis racket because I love to play tennis.” The instructor makes a role-play using the stick as a racket and then puts the stick back in the centre. and takes his place in the circle.
4. One by one, the other participants come to the centre, pick up the stick and introduce themselves by making the stick look like something.
5. The game ends after the last person acts out.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15 minutes
Group Size & Age
15-30 people of any age
A stick or a ruler
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I’ll Define It Myself 0 reviews

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