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Four Quadrant Activity

Facilitation Steps:

1. Give each participant a piece of flip chart paper and pens.
2. Ask them to divide the flipcharts into four quadrants.
3. Ask them to draw their answers to the four questions. .
4. Give them about 5-10 minutes to work individually.
5. Then, regroup and give each person 4-10 minutes (depending on your time frame) to share their graph and answers with the group.

Sample Questions:

1. What will I bring to this group?
2. What do I need from the group?
3. What are your hobbies?
4. What are your views for this group?

You can modify the questions to work with any group. For example, below are questions from Michael Barrett of Resonance LLC used with Board Members of a non-profit organisation. When they shared their charts with each other, some of them were moved to tears.

1. What will you bring to this organisation?
2. What do you expect from this team?
3. What legacy do you believe you will leave through this organisation?
4. What is the event that basically shaped your life?

I used the following questions with a team trying to improve how they communicate with each other when under stress. Many of them reminded each other how open they are and how much they learn from each other, even after years of working together.

1. A current challenge I face outside of work is...
2. The things that stress me out the most at work
3. What you need to understand about yourself under stress
4. What to do when you're under stress

Other questions you can add:

1. Describe the moment (personal or professional)
2. Moment of pride (personal or professional)
3. Worst fear (for the group, personal or professional)
4. Desired outcome for this day/session/meeting sequence
5. The biggest challenge for this group
6. The greatest achievement for this group

This activity is great because you can write down four questions that you think would work for your group, or you can give your group opportunities to come up with their own questions. Just think about what you would like your group to know about each other.

Tips for running this activity online;

1. Choose an online whiteboard tool that allows the use of a large, zoomable canvas (e.g. Mural or Miro).
2. Users can draw their dials on paper and upload images to the board or draw them digitally.
3. In the Mirroring step, invite users to move to the speaking person's quadrant.
4. If you don't have an online whiteboard tool, you can use Slack or Google docs to share and comment on the images created.
5. If you only use video conferencing software, invite participants to share their screens and show their digital images, or ask them to hold their physical drawings up for the group to see.
6. If you want to add a fun extra dimension, encourage people to draw quickly, and if you are using digital tools, don't allow erasing or erasers. It can be fun to try to work through bad drawings as a team.

Game Creator's Note:

I learned this from an amazing Master Certified Facilitator, Cheryle Maurer of Performance Consulting LLC. She facilitated our MasterMind group through this process. We all loved her and learnt new things about each other in the process.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
30-60 min
Group Size & Age
3 person plus, 7 age plus
Flipchart and board marker for each participant
Created by
Leigh Ann Rodgers, Break the Ice with The Four Quadrants Activity via SessionLab

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