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Choose Your Side – Spectrogram

- A line with 0-50-100 points is defined in the field and participants are asked to place themselves on this line based on certain topics.
- The questions can be determined by what you want to assess and what you want to see the status of.
- Example questions could be:
**How much did you learn something new from this group?
**How comfortable do you feel in this group?
**How much did you contribute to this group? etc.
- Afterwards, the participants can express their feelings and thoughts about their position on the line and share what they have learned and how they have contributed in which areas if they want to share. This exercise can be revised and applied for different purposes at each stage of the training group.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15 minutes
Group Size & Age
20-25 people / Adults
A tape with the numbers 0, 50 and 100 written on it or papers with these numbers written on them. These tapes or papers are placed on the floor in a line from 0 to 100.
Created by
Deniz Altınay, "Psychodrama 400 Warming Game and Auxiliary Techniques (Psikodrama 400 Isınma Oyunu ve Yardımcı Teknikler)"

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Choose Your Side – Spectrogram 0 reviews

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