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World Café

1) Venue:
First of all, creating a cozy, friendly café is a must for this method. You can create a nice cafe environment with small touches in the training room. First of all, 4-5 tables and 4-5 chairs around each table (it can be prepared according to the number of participants, but there should not be more than five people around the table), tablecloths, flowers on the tables if possible, light music, colored pens and papers on each table will make this decor even more beautiful.

2) Welcome and Information:
Trainers, you can introduce yourself as the owner of the café and greet the participants for coming to the World Café and give them a warm welcome. You can inform the participants about the establishment of the café, its purpose and what they will do, and ask the participants to sit at the table of their choice.

3) Small Groups and Changes:
The method is that for the first 5 minutes after everyone is seated, the groups talk about the questions on their table and write down their ideas on the A4 paper on their table with the pen color representing their group. After every 5 minutes they move to another table and talk about another topic. If desired, one person from each table remains as a "relay" and briefly conveys what has been said to the incoming group, the important thing here is that each group also takes notes of their conversations on the paper on the table and that the new team sees what has been written and does not repeat it and adds new ideas. After the relayers in each group have been briefed, they join their groups at the same time and start discussing the question on the new table.
4) Questions You should develop questions for each table that are linked to your training topic. It will be very good to determine the number of tables (4-5 in each group) and the number of questions for your participants to work comfortably. For large groups, the same question can be on several tables, but the stages should be planned so that groups do not answer the same question twice. The questions should be open-ended questions that groups can share and discuss.

5) Harvest Phase:
After the small group discussions, all groups will have answered each question, each group can collate and organize what was written at the final table, present it and discuss the outcomes. You can also discuss important points with the group.

You can collect the results and prepare a graph and make a presentation. All this can be customized according to your time, your participants and participant needs.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
35-60 minutes
Group Size & Age
16- 40 & 14+ Ages
Number of tables, tablecloths, a vase or flower for each table (we should make them feel that they are in a cafe) number of colored pens (1 for each table in different colors), number of A4 papers (1 for each table)
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