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Who’s the leader?

The group stands in a circle or walks in a shuffle. A participant is selected and taken outside. A leader is chosen from the group and the following instruction is given to the group; "Do whatever the leader does". The person that has came from outside has three rights to guess the leader. If he/she finds the leader, the leader goes outside and group chooses a new leader. If not, he/she continues to go outside and came back to find the new leader.

The group becomes a circle. One person is taken out. One person inside makes a movement (e.g. hand clapping, foot tapping, etc.) and the others imitate him/her. The person outside is taken inside and put in the middle of the group. They try to find out who started the movement. When the person in the middle turns his/her back, the person who started the movement changes the movement. That is, the person who will change the movement changes the movement when the person in the middle turns his/her back. The game ends when the person in the middle finds the person who changed the movement. The person who started the movement is taken out.

(Example Movements: Hand flapping, whistling, foot tapping, finger

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
10-15 minutes
Group Size & Age
10- 25 People / Ages 7 and Over
A large space to create a circle
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