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Who is Missing?

1) Participants are asked to sit on the chairs scattered around the activity area. It is ensured that there are two less chairs than the number of participants.
2) One participant is taken out of the room. The group identifies a participant to hide (in a previously created hiding place) or hide in a suitable place.
3) Participants change places.
4) The participant that has taken out is invited inside and asked to guess who is missing in 30 seconds.
5) If the participant knows the name, he/she wins. He/she can choose the new player. If not, he/she can choose the new player  who is hiding.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
30 min
Group Size & Age
max 30 person, min 7 age
A material such as a cover may be needed to hide a participant.
Prizes to diversify the game (cookies, small snacks, etc.)
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