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1. Participants stand in a circle.
2. The trainer asks them to pose as a vampire, a dragon and an old granny respectively. Participants demonstrate by showing their commonly chosen poses.
3. The dragon defeats the granny, the vampire defeats the dragon, and the vampire is defeated by the granny, out of respect.
4. Participants are divided into 2 groups. They choose a character without telling the other group. At the instructor's command, teams perform their agreed characters when 1-2-3 is called.
5. Playing 3 times is enough for the game.


- Participants are divided into 2 groups.
- The groups stand in two rows facing each other.
When the signal is given, the groups will choose one of the Trees, People and CO2 and make their movements.
The shapes that the groups will take for trees, people and CO2 are as follows:
* Trees arms swinging above the head
* People are chopping down trees with axes
* CO2 is loaded from the earth into the atmosphere in the form of a star with arms and legs spread wide
- The signal is given and the two opposing groups make the movement decided by the group.
- As a result of these actions in the game;
1. People defeat the trees (by cutting)
2. Trees overcome (absorb) CO2
3. CO2 defeats humans (by creating climate change)

***In this mobiliser, you can also progress with scoring if you wish. The defeated group gets one point, the game ends when a group reaches five points. You can also start the work without any point system and end it in 5 or 10 minutes depending on the group dynamics.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
10 minutes
Group Size & Age
15-35 people, 13+ years old
No material is needed.
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