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Student Village

Participants will take character cards randomly and come together with other participants who have the same character group. They will speak about their card and will be invited to a meeting.

Participants are told the following story about meeting:

“An incident that happened in the Student Village last night disturbed neighborhood residents and some of the students. At 2 am at night, a group of foreign students sang loudly; which disturbed the students who had examination in following morning, needed to sleep, study, rest, and so on. At first, warned verbally but in a vulgar manner, the group did not take the warnings into account due to the rude attitude and continued to b entertained with music. The warning group went out and engaged in a loud debate. The residents of the neighborhood who were disturbed by this situation made a complaint to the school administration and requested a meeting for the discussion of this situation.”

Student Dean invites the characters below to make this meeting:

-Neighborhood Residents (minimum 2 participants)
-Security Officer who was on the watch:
-Student Group who have Examination (minimum 3 participants)
-Foreign Student Group (minimum 3 participants)
-Students who Observe the Event (At least 2 participants)


Student Dean : The Dean of Students brought together students and people living in the environment upon request. During the meeting, it is responsible for solving the discipline problems of the students, convincing the people who are disturbed that solutions will be brought, using initiative for necessary punishments and giving equal rights to people's speech.

Security Officer who was on the watch: Security Offices has the knowledge about previous problems in the Student Village. Character has to tell what happened last night and when it happened. Also, character knows that neighborhood residents came for complaint before about the noise and late night activities. "After 10.00 pm it is forbidden to make noise in student village."

Student Group who have Examination: This group is aware that they were innocent until they made their warning with wrong words and too much aggressive. They don't want to be punished but also want other group to be punished.

Foreign Student Group: This group of students thinks they have been excluded since they came to school. The fact that local students are not active enough in social inclusion processes affects these students emotionally. They were aware of the fact that their entertainment was done by other students at different times, and they continued the discussion because they felt uncomfortable that they used a heavy language while warning. They thinks that the groups that made voice before were not punished, they should not be punished.

Students who Observe the Event: This group is aware that there is a general problem between domestic and foreign student groups. Many of these controversies are, in their view, abusive rule violations. While students can spend time together, they think that such events cause big problems because of not being careful in the previous events. They want this problem in Student Village to be punished and then no such things happen.

Student Dean will coordinate the meeting and try to listen everybody to solve problem.

Trainer should be in the observer position to have notes about tolerance levels in different roles, intercultural dialogue perspectives in different roles, strategies of communication to solve conflict, competences of creating new solution offerings to speak later with the participants.

Also trainer should be aware that this tool is adopted from another one with the help of local reality of University students to let the tool meet their needs. So, trainer also can change the dynamics of tool to have proper tool for his/her participants.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
1-2 hours depending on group size
Group Size & Age
At least 13, Max 25
A chair for everyone to sit on, a room decorated in meeting room style.
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