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The group stands in a circle. A leader is chosen from the group. The leader moves to the center and says "ping" or "pong" to the person he/she points to with his/her finger. If the leader says "ping" to the person he/she points to, the person pointed to must say the name of the person to his/her right within 3 seconds, if he/she says "pong", the person to his/her left must say the name of the person to his/her left. If he/she gets it wrong, he/she moves to the center as the leader. When the leader stays in the middle for a long time or when he thinks that everyone has memorized the name of the person next to him/her and wants them to change places, he/she shouts "ping-pong". Everyone has to change places when "ping-pong" is called.

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Learning Space
In Person Training
10 minutes
Group Size & Age
Ages 8 and Up
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