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1- Ask the participants to take a piece of cardboard and pencils or paints in the color of their choice.
2- Tell them to draw a medium-sized circle in the center of the cardboard.
3- Tell them that we will use expressions indicating them in certain corners of the cardboard. ask them to fold the cardboard in half and write their names in one corner.
4- Ask them to write their names in the corners by asking them different questions.
- Which country would you like to live in?
- What color do you like?
- Which city are you from?
5- Ask the participants to put the cardboard papers around their necks so that the part with the name is in front of them.
6- Ask them to stand up and talk to each other about these three questions and after talking, ask them to write their thoughts about each other on the back of their cardboard without mentioning their names.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
30 minutes
Group Size & Age
15-30 People / Ages 15 and Up
cardboard paper as many as the number of participants
colored pencils, crayons
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