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Onion game

Game Onion is helping learners to get to know each other and communicate better.

Participants are creating two circles. One circle is inside and the second is outside.

Participants are staying in front of each other in the circles, facing each other and creating pairs.

Why the name of this game is "Onion game"? Two participants' circles resemble onion layers, which can be explained creatively to the group.

The facilitator asks questions to participants and gives them a chance to discuss the topic with each other in a limited time.
The facilitator creates questions for participants related to the topic of the workshop.
After 3 minutes facilitator gives instructions (example):
People from the outside circle are moving three steps on the right.
Participants are changing positions. This way participants have a new person to talk with.

The facilitator is giving a new question related to the topic of the training. The situation repeats several times. Because of this, participants can communicate with each other and know each other better.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
20 minutes
Group Size & Age
any size, any age
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