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Object Speaks

It is a workshop to establish a sharing environment in the group and to strengthen the bonds within the group. An object is placed in a circle in the middle of the group. The participant who wants to speak is asked to take the object. It is conveyed to participants that it is forbidden to speak to everyone except the person who has an object. Then, the following questions are asked of the participants, respectively:

1- Can you tell me about an event that made you very happy before?
2- Can you tell about an incident that you thought caused someone else to be happy?
3- Is there anything you say "I want to do it, but for any reason, I have not done it yet?"? What is the reason?
4- Is there an event that made you unhappy / badly affected before?
5- Is there an event that you think you have made someone unhappy / badly affected?

Starting with positive questions will allow participants to share easily.

* At the end of the workshop, debrief can be made by discussing the reasons with the participants.
* Outcomes of debriefing and shared stories can be used in a drama method based on empathy.

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Learning Space
In Person Training, Online Training
30-60 min
Group Size & Age
No limits
An object
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