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Mimic Orchestra

First of all, we start the drama work:

1. We start with warm-up and relaxation: Physical warm-up movements start from the neck, which is the top joint of the body, and end with the shoulder, waist, leg and foot joints in turn. These joints are warmed up with an equal number of movements to the right-left or front-back. During these movements, the muscles in the same areas are also exercised and warmed up. Relaxation movements start from the tension points in the head area in the same order and end at the toe. These tension points
respectively; cheek muscles and lips, back muscles, muscles under the arms, buttocks, thighs, thighs, back muscles of the legs, metatarsal bone of the foot. The muscles at these points are worked, stretched and released. The tension at these points is felt to gradually leave the fingers and toes.

2. Recognizing and Understanding Gestures and Mimics: Since we will use 4 different emotions (scared, laughing, sad, surprised), these emotions are made with gestures and mimic expressions and shown to the group.

3.There is no musical instrument in the mimic orchestra. Our musical instruments, gestures and are our facial expressions. By dividing the group into 4 emotion groups, each group is given an emotion.

One person passes to the center and the person who manages the emotions/mimics starts to direct the group by saying that he/she is the "conductor of the mimic orchestra".
To revitalize group dynamics and practice flow:
* Conducting the mimic groups one by one at first and then mixing all emotions,
* Managing contrasting emotions in succession are expressions that keep the flow alive.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
30 minutes
Group Size & Age
15 - 20 People & Everyone
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