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Participants stand in a circle.
You can start by saying "In the mobilizer, we will collect the energy of all individuals one by one in the center and then as a group we will take this high energy back to ourselves".
Everyone stands with their fists clenched, wrists facing upwards and elbows pulled backwards.
The person who initiates the mobilizer rotates their arms with their wrists facing downwards and energetically stretches their arms forward as far as possible.
As he/she does this forward extension, he/she shouts "MAAA".
The person to his/her right and the person to his/her right repeat in succession.
This movement, which will continue like a Mexican wave, will continue until it reaches the last person in the circle, the first initiator and those who follow continue to shout "MAA" without breaking their movement.
When the movement reaches the last person, all participants shout "ZINGAA!" at the same time, pulling their arms back (the initial position of their arms). After the first attempt, it can be repeated a second time by asking "do you think we can make it louder than this?".

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Learning Space
In Person Training
3 min.
Group Size & Age
Max. 50 & Everyone
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