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Participants are asked to stand in a circle. One person is placed in the centre and becomes the caller. Preferably the leader can be the caller at the beginning of the game. Then the caller points to someone with their finger and says "left" or "right". When they say "left", the person they point to has to say the name of the person to their left within 3 seconds; when they say "right", they have to say the name of the person to their right within 3 seconds. If the person pointed to answers correctly, another person is pointed to. The person who cannot say the name in the given time becomes the new caller and moves to the centre. When the caller says "salad", everyone switches places. The game continues in this way.
*Before the game starts, the leader should ask the participants to ask the names of the people on their right and left again.
*To make the game more lively, the leader can ask some of the participants to switch places during the game.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
5-7 minutes
Group Size & Age
Minimum 15 people of any age
No material is needed.
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