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King’s Key Game

One person becomes a leader, faces the wall and closes his/her eyes. While counting 1, 2, 3, the rest of the participants follow behind the leader and try to reach the key next to the leader on the floor. After counting to three, the leader opens his/her eyes, turns round and the participants must freeze. The leader also checks to see if anyone is moving. If he/she detects anyone moving, he/she tells the group to go to the back of the group. The leader returns to the wall, closes his/her eyes and the game continues. If one of the participants manages to get the key without being caught by the leader, the group moves backwards while the leader counts to three. In the meantime, the key passes into the hands of different participants. The leader tries to guess who has the key. He/she has three guesses each time. If he/she guesses, a new person becomes the leader. The game ends after a while.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
10-15 dk
Group Size & Age
One key ring. Or any object that represents it can be used.
Created by
Esra Şahin

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