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Jump In – Jump out

The whole group, including the trainer, holds hands and forms a circle.
The trainer tells the group how to play the game.
Throughout the game, the group will hold hands and will not let go of them.
At the first stage, the trainer will give one of the commands: jump in, jump out, jump right, jump left, jump right, jump right, jump left. For example, if trainer says jump to the right, group will jump to the right. The group should repeat the same command loudly with the trainer and do the movement.
This stage is played several times by the trainer.
In the second stage, the trainer again says one of the commands jump in, jump out, jump right or jump left, but does something other than what he/she says. For example, he/she says jump in but jumps to the right. The group has to say what the trainer says and do what the trainer does.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
5 min
Group Size & Age
15-20 person
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