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Human Bingo

1- Each participant is given a pre-prepared people bingo chart.
2- The chart can be prepared in various ways according to the characteristics we want the participants to learn about each other.
3- Then the participants are told to talk to each other and try to find the person who has the characteristic in the questions asked and write the name of the person they find opposite the box.
1- The same person's name cannot be found twice in a chart.
2- The aim is for each participant to talk to as many participants as possible and learn their names and some personal characteristics.
3- The first one to complete the chart wins the bingo and the game.

Note: The same game can easily be played in international activities. It can be very useful for young people from different countries and cultures to get to know each other better. Change the questions according to your purpose.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
30 min
Group Size & Age
10-30 person
"Human Bingo" chart for the number of participants
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