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Fruits in a Bag

Arrange chairs in an even square, with some space so they are not touching each other.

● Place a basket/bucket with 25 oranges and 3 raw eggs in one corner, and place an
empty basket/bucket in the diagonal corner.

● Explain the rules of the game:

○ The group challenge is to pass as many objects from one bucket/basket to the
○ Everyone must participate and touch each item once but ONLY once
○ You cannot pass an object to the person who is in your same row
○ You must stay seated in your chair
○ Objects should not touch the floor. Any object that touches the floor is out and
must be left there.

● They have 10 mins to prepare and decide:

○ How many oranges will they pass?
○ How many eggs will they pass?
○ In how much time will they do it?
○ who will clean the egg(s) if the egg(s) fall?

● Once the group has accomplished the task, have them sit down in the circle and reflect:

○ How was this experience for you? How do you feel?
○ What happened?
○ What helped you to work as a team? (You can write down responses on flipchart
○ What didn’t help you to work as a team?
○ What can we learn from this activity?
○ What commitment do you want to make to yourself moving forward for one
action step you can take to work more conducively in the team?

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
30 minutes with reflection time included
Group Size & Age
25 people
The materials needed are:

- Chair for each participant

- 25 oranges

- 3 raw eggs

- 2 buckets/ baskets

- Flipchart paper/ Whiteboard
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