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Football Challenge

Ask the participants to come in sports clothes and shoes.
For the first stage, the trainer has to prepare A4 papers for aeroplanes and markers for their names. They have to tape their hands with paper tape.
For the football game, the trainer must ensure that the football pitch is free and prepare bibs, whistles and more paper tape.
It's better if there is water provided after the game.

In this workshop participants will be divided into couples through a group-splitting game. They will make two lines facing each other. Every two people who are in front of each other will be a couple. Then the couples have to make an aeroplane, without speaking and also one hand per participant is blocked. So one is working with their left hand and the other one is working with their right. Afterwards, a contest will be organized to make the couple work better together. They have to name their aeroplane and then they have to throw their paper aeroplane as far as they can.
After this activity, the participants in the couples will be real partners. The Altrieuropei Football Challenge is based on football but people are not playing alone but in couples. So they have to cooperate and think for their partner and their team at the same time. Teams will play for 20 mins and then a referee will stop the game and ask the teams to reconsider their strategy for 5 mins. Then again 20 mins of playing.
At the end of the workshop, the trainer will make a debrief. They will put all participants to sit down so they can be calm and share how they felt during the game. The debriefing is crucial for this workshop to understand the values behind sports and that it is not only for professional sports.

Questions you prepared for your debriefing session related to the topic:

What happened during the game?
How did you feel during the exercise?
Do you find any differences between the two halftimes? What kind of?
Did you learn anything new about yourself?
Did you manage to work together within the pairs? What about the team?
What problems did you have getting organised?
What responsibility did each group member have?
How could you improve your performance?
What skills do you need? Responsibility? Listening and responding skills? Cooperation?
Who got the highest score out of all the teams? How did you play to win?
Were any agreements between teammates made to cooperate? Why?

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
90 minutes
Group Size & Age
10- 20 participants, 15- 30 years old
A4 papers, markers, ribbons or paper tape, bibs, football ball, football pitch, water, whistle
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Champions Factory

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