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Fishbowl debate

Fishbowl debate


  1. From two groups: speakers and audience, ask for a voluntary participation.
  2. Speakers will sit together before the audience and have a discussion on a certain topic.
  3. Instruct the audience to take notes on the quality of the debate. Suggest particular criteria for their evaluation.
  4.  Have a debate for 10-15 min.
  5. Assign 1-2 participants from the audience to each speaker to provide them with their feedback.
  6. Get the group together and conduct the debrief - focus on public speaking - skills, attitude, and knowledge.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training, Online Training
60 min
Group Size & Age
10-30 & 14+

Write down elements of group speaking that the audience should focus on while listening for feedback: do they keep eye contact? do they use given evidence? do they address others arguments? how well they articulate their statements?

You might have some reading related to the theme before and have a selected text as a source of information for further debate.
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