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Instruction 1: Let's start our work by moving a little today. We're going to try to do a little complicated move, let's see how it goes. Now everybody stand up and stand where they want with some distance between them and their other friends. Let's start like this, first everyone draw a circle in the air with their right arm. It doesn't matter if the circle is big or small, just make a circle with your right hand as you like. (After everyone can make a round). Okay, let's stop drawing a circle and start drawing a cross in the air with our left arm. (After all children can draw plus). Now we will try to do both together, that is, while drawing a circle in the air with our right arm at the same time, we will draw a cross with our left arm. Are you ready? Let's start then. (After trying this exercise for a while). Shall we do the reverse? This time, while drawing a cross in the air with your right arm, try to draw a circle with your left arm at the same time.
2. Evaluation: How, is it difficult? Which one did you have more difficulty with?
Note: It may be difficult for children to understand the movements verbally, the facilitator can show the movements by giving examples at each stage. It's good to give the kids time to try, as it will be difficult to round and cross at the same time.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15 min
Group Size & Age
12 people (6-8 /9-13 years old)
Created by
Support to Life Association - MHPSS library

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