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Directive 1:

Let's start today with some movement. We will try to do a little complicated movement, let's see how it goes. Now everyone stand up and stand anywhere they want with a little distance between them and their friends. Let's start with everyone drawing a circle in the air with their right arm. It doesn't matter if the circle is big or small, just make a circle with your right hand as you like (after everyone has made a circle). OK, let's stop drawing a circle and start drawing a plus in the air with our left arm (after all the children can draw a plus). Now we will try to do both at the same time, that is, we will draw a round in the air with our right arm and a plus with our left arm. Ready? Let's start (after practicing this exercise for a while). Shall we do it in reverse? This time try to draw a plus in the air with your right arm while drawing a circle with your left arm at the same time.

2. Evaluation: How was it, difficult? Which one was more difficult?
Note: It may be difficult for children to understand the movements verbally, the facilitator can show the movements by giving examples at each stage. Since it is difficult to make a circle and a plus at the same time, it is good to give children time to try.

Method Details

Learning Space
In Person Training
15 minutes
Group Size & Age
12 People / ( 6-8 /9- 13 age)
Created by
Hayata Destek Derneği- MHPSS kitapçılığı

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